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View Diary: Saturday nutpick-a-palooza: 'Sesame Street is too gay' edition (261 comments)

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    Throwing the bomb of homophobia. That I would even dare question the outing of Bert and Ernie on the cover of the New Yorker. That the cover NEEDS to be out there; that people NEED to see it. I mean, seriously, if you can't for one second think about the hailstorm of protest that this is going to cause against PBS; the protest against Sesame Street, against these characters. But its ok because every adult knows that Bert and Ernie are gay, so why keep faking it?

    I am a hard left liberal on nearly every economic and social issue. Please don't call out someone's credentials as a reason for not having an argument. Otherwise, argue on the merits or GTFO.

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