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  •  This statistical approach is important, but misses (4+ / 0-)
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    the point.

    The point of the War On Terror is that on 9/11, Al Qaida killed rich people.  This is not easy to do, because financial resources are supposed to protect people against the dangers of modern life (well, mostly; obesity from oversteaking & overscotching being the acceptable cost of a pleasurable extravagance, & hey, that's what heart transplants are for).  Yes, many non-rich people were also killed on 9/11, but that's not relevant to the wealthy, because that's what's supposed to happen.

    The hideous fact is that those wealthy people who are already ill-disposed toward those of us who must work for a living are fully supportive of any & all measures the government can take to ensure that NO ONE can ever hit them again.  Paranoia strikes deeper into those who have more to lose, & if you have a billion dollars, you REALLY want to ensure that you live.  "Terrorists," whoever they are, are to your avg. modern wealthy corporatist what germs were to Howard Hughes: an invisible, omnipresent threat to all the wealth & power that had been so carefully accummulated, against which any countermeasure seems reasonable.  

    Our rights, our tax revenue, the lives of our soldiers: all are mere resources to deploy on behalf of the total security of the ruling oligarch class that buys government.  Stats that apply to us don't matter, because we don't matter.  If we mattered, they wouldn't have eliminated tariffs & shipped our jobs overseas to further enrich themselves at the nation's collective, communal expense.  To them, we are a lower life form.

    So... these stats ARE very important in getting our family, friends & acquaintences to first stop supporting the corruption, & then actively oppose it.  Of course, doing so increasingly carries the risk of ourselves being defined as terrorists by the wealth-captured political-media infrastructure... but somewhere there is a tipping point where the media will no longer be able to go along with the official line, & the cops will cease to beat us & instead let us speak, perhaps even joining us.

    Yeah, this is ranty... I'm pissed about that CA judge who is criminalizing speech on behalf of BoA, & it just seems obvious that he's treating Mr. Olson as if he had terrorized BoA.  It's the same shit as animal rights activists "terrorizing" a slaughterhouse committing abuse by recording it.  Or KXL blockaders "terrorizing" TransCanada.

    So. Much. Bullshit. To. Shovel. With. Such. Small. Tools.

    It's time to start letting sleeping dinosaurs lie, lest we join them in extinction by our consumption of them.

    by Leftcandid on Sat Jun 29, 2013 at 11:17:39 AM PDT

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