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    The "guest in someone's house" rule

    Walking into someone's diary is like walking into someone's home. You are a guest. Act accordingly. That doesn't mean you can't disagree. It just means you have to be civil and courteous and limit your arguments to substance.

    That level of courtesy must be even higher in group diaries. If people want to hang out and talk about X, and you are anti-X, then either be on your bestest of best behavior or just stay away. You are always free to write your own response diary or start your own anti-X group.

    So, my tolerance for dickishness will be least in group diaries, followed by personal diaries, followed by your own diaries.

    Bottom line: If you don't like someone, ignore or argue PURELY on the facts. If you refuse to heed and seek out your foes to shit all over their diaries, I will zap you. You don't need to go after the same people every day to remind them that yes, you still don't like them.

    Others have simply gotten old. I prefer to think I've been tempered by time.

    by Just Bob on Sat Jun 29, 2013 at 01:11:43 PM PDT

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