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    You don't know me at all. There was no point in running for the school board. The representative for my area and I actually saw eye to eye on most issues. Unfortunately he was one of 5 and his views were in the minority. Replacing him would have accomplished NOTHING.  And you do realize that in most places there are no qualifications for the school board any Tom, Dick or Harry can run for the office.  So the person making the decisions regarding your child's education may not even have a High School diploma, they may just be some good ole boy that will promote the Christian Rights agenda to make sure Creationism/Intelligent Design is taught as science, abstinence only is the only sex ed permissible and advance the myth that global warming is a hoax. Because that's what the majority of the community wants.

    Individual teachers can do nothing they must get approval from the school board and follow the school boards recommendations, regulations and decisions. It was actually my eldest son's 4th grade teacher that suggested I homeschool. She said he already knew all the material being covered in 4th grade (this was at the beginning of the year) and that she had asked the school board to promote him to 5th grade but they refused on the grounds that it would hinder his social development.  In all honesty they probably wanted to keep the state funding as long as possible and it had nothing to do with "social development" but hey whatever excuse works. This same school board refused to allow two students who had the credits to graduate early.  BTW my eldest son started college at 16.

    Individual parents can do very little to change school policy. And participating in "public school" has absolutely nothing to do with democracy. You do realize most of the Founding Father's were homeschooled.

    Parents are responsible for ensuring their children receive the best education possible as another commentator pointed out

    OUR kids have a limited window in which to obtain a primary and secondary level of education. If we spend those years fighting with the school and exhausted while our kid gets shunted to the wayside, that doesn't do ANYONE any good;  not our kids, not our community, not our country's future.

    My children are university graduates and productive members of society. Limiting their education by keeping them stuck in the public schools would have done nothing  for society/democracy.

    "High-minded individuals are more dangerous than criminals. they can always find hypocritical excuses for committing acts of violence." Amelia Peabody Emerson

    by TheRealAlasandra on Sat Jun 29, 2013 at 07:04:47 PM PDT

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