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  •  today's Tuesday Chile lifted my spirits (1+ / 0-)
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    Denise Oliver Velez

    wonderful write-out in support of Rachel Jeantel, so well done.
    And I went back to your 2009 diary about colorization in context with Michelle Obama, rec'd and hotlisted ... a little 4 years late, but better late than never ...

    And the diary brought back some memories. When I was young I visited my husband's family in Africa for the first time and met one of his sister-in-laws, a very pretty young woman, who used chemicals to lighten her skin and tried to bleach her hair. I was (silently) quite shocked, because she messed up her beauty so much ... I couldn't believe it (her hair was reddish and broken and her skin spotted with lighter areas all over her face).

    This was at the time when the Black Beauty and Black Power movement was going strong in the US and Europe and everybody had an Afro hairstyle and black was considered beautiful and promoted publicly. So sad all of it.

    I also wanted to give a thumbs up to Justice Putnam's choice of poem today. I love it a lot.

    With regards to the literacy test ... I want Obama and Holder to let their daughters and/or sons take the test, timed. It might change their minds on something called sadism. It is mental torture used as a tool by psychologists as an outlet for their racism. I think in other forms it's still used on the internet, but ... I am not an academic and can't talk about it intelligently.  

    Very good reading today on the porch. Thank You much. Sorry I couldn't meet earlier. Good night.

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