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View Diary: In Praise of "Unruly MOBS" (31 comments)

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  •  I despise mobs (0+ / 0-)

    I thought the filibuster by Senator Davis was great...a real thing of conviction and it was beautiful to watch. And the way the Republicans in the chamber bullied her was ugly. They definitely lost the PR battle on that one.

    But I'll say it again, I had no use for the crowd in the in chamber essentially shouting down the lawmakers, who after all are the real representatives of the people, no matter what you think of their politics or this issue. Contrary to the overused meme, a mob is not in fact what democracy looks like.

    If a state in New England was getting ready to pass a bill on marriage equality, and a bunch of tea partiers showed up and shouted them down, making a vote impossible, I don't think a lot of people here would be saying "That's what democracy looks like."  They'd be calling them a mob, and chastising them for stopping the democratic process.  And rightly so.  Occupy adopting tactics like this is one reason I could never bring myself to support that movement either.

    Black Holes Suck.

    by Pi Li on Sat Jun 29, 2013 at 04:32:09 PM PDT

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