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View Diary: Radio Insider Says Rush Limbaugh Listenership Down 36% (26 comments)

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    The Milwaukee station that carries Brewers, Bucks, Packer games has become so toxic I refuse to listen to the games on that station.

    The loss of the fairness doctrine killed media in the state. With no obligation to put on opposing viewpoints no matter what crap you put on the airwaves the John Birch Society nut job station in Nielsville has spread to the whole spectrum. I am not complaining about purchased ads. GIVING THE MAJORITY of your airtime to Scott Walker or any other politician in an unchallenged format and passing off as news press releases from ALEC, GOP, Walker, Koch brothers' front groups is not what the public airwaves are supposed to be used for.

    Control has even extended to most of the Wisconsin Public Broadcasting programing. If the Koch brothers and Scott Walker were caught snorting coke during sex with underage hookers it would be represented as an intervention program to rehabilitate the youth.

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