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View Diary: A brief and hardly consequential diary about superstition. (39 comments)

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  •  Less fact, more straw man, or false equivalence (6+ / 0-)

    There's a difference between "denying religion," as in, that it exists, that it's a thing, and "denying religion," as in, what most religions teach probably isn't true.

    Basically, you are equating "religion is a thing" and "because religion is a thing, it can't be completely wrong."

    We could argue about whether or not the human species would be extinct without religion. But nobody is trying to make that argument. It may be true that religion and superstition are woven into the evolution of the human species. That doesn't mean they're true. And denying that religion is true is not the same as denying that religion exists. The diarist never denies that religion exists, or existed, or will continue to exist. Just says they're wrong.

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