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  •  I'm a white guy living on the plantation. (19+ / 0-)

    The real reason the racial disparity exists is a matter of its location coupled with the aftermath of the race riots in the 60's. Many people forget Milwaukee ethic majority were of Irish and German descent with a sprinkling of other EU cultures that had a history of racial bigotry. That bigotry still exist only the white folks in the suburbs refuse to admit it. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is a racist publication since the newspaper changes the headlines and placement of articles it distributes to the suburbs and other communities to portray the inner city in the worse possible light.

    The State and City provide no tax incentives for improving inner city properties. Businesses don't want to establish themselves in the inner city when it's easier to set up shop somewhere else. This and other factors leave the inner city in Catch 22 situation. Scott Walker the current governor hates black people with a passion and as the recent budget shows he's declared war on the black and mexicans who live in Milwaukee.

    The rest of the people in the state have no clue everyone who owns property in the inner city wants what they want which is a job with will pay the bills as they raise their families and navigate the hazards of trying to live a decent life.

    The reason why the crime rate is so high is people in the inner city have been living poverty for so long it stealing and cheating each other is a part of the way you survive ever since the state and city cut back on the social programs and safety nets.

    Milwaukee has a lot of great things going for it but what the inner city really needs is a massive infusion of large employers, good paying jobs and educational institutions to bring it into line with other cities.

    I should know since most of my neighbors are black or mexican and I'm one of the few opened minded white people on our block that believe we own property in a pretty nice neighborhood.

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    by hmsjo on Sun Jun 30, 2013 at 09:15:26 AM PDT

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