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  •  White Guy living on the plantation, Part 2 (2+ / 0-)
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    Thanks for the comments,

    What everyone in Milwaukee should realize is the same thing that has happened to the inner city is happening to the south side only you don't see the MJS reporting the devastation the economic downturn has produced for Milwaukee's Mexican-American population.

    The reason for this is the Mexican population with the fear of ICE raids that will divide and separate families keeps the issues they face below the radar.  The only thing that's different between the Black population and the Mexican American population is the Mexican American's have a strong cultural identity that is centered around their families and their ties to Mexico.

    Mexican American rely on each other to pitch in and help out when a family member hits a bump in life. This type of thing happens less frequent in the black community not tied to a supporting church. The legitimate churches in the inner city have spent the last couple of decades attempting to organize and turn their communities around using the limited funding the State and City have made available to them. Nothing I've seen has changed anything. Houses owned by absentee landlords go un-repaired as they are flipped on the market. Small start up loans to local businesses are virtually impossible to get from angel investors.

    Children grow up with the concept that when they're older and supposed to provide for themselves that's the time "They got's to go to Jail." like it a mandatory part of life since the older people they know spend so much time in Jail for a wide range of petty crimes. Mexican American's in Milwaukee never call the police when a fight occurs and from what I've seen the family will step in acting as mediators to resolve most of the petty disputes when a problem occurs.

    For the last two years I've worked as sound tech for a Mexican Nightclub so I'm more familiar with the problems occurring in the Mexican community. I don't speak spanish but recently I was told I've become a living legend in among the Mexican Cumbia bands I do sound for. I've also done sound for inner city black bands and at the moment I work with a well known black producer who's always asking me how I can stand doing sound for Mexican bands.

    To me music is music and the same is true when it comes to talent. Talent is something you either have or don't have. I can do all sort of electronic tricks to make a band sound good but that only works if the band has a singer who can stay on key and everyone plays to the beat of the song.

    If the politicians that run the state and city were musicians as a sound engineer there's nothing in my bag of tricks I could do to mask how awful they sound because no one in the band has a clue about what it takes to work together to stay on the same page since none of them understands anything about timing, tempo and playing in the same key.

    In the music biz only 10% are truly concerned with making the show work and the other 90% spend all their time wasting the time of the 10% who are doing all the heavy lifting to make the show the best it can be.

    I think in the next election everyone should use the write in box on the ballot and vote for their favorite artist instead of voting for someone who only knows how to count the beans in the back room. The one thing I know would happen if this sort of insane voting occurred is when the legislative branch of the government convened they'd all get together and have a jam session instead of sitting around thinking of ways to please the corporate powers that really control America. The attitude would be get screwed we're trying to figure out how to make this jam session into a killer show.

    Milwaukee unfortunately is the test market for the next generation of social engineering and if the rest of the country continues to believe it will only happen here they'll be in for a shock when the no talent show comes to their city. The only thing I can think of that would make the show a hit is if you called the show "America's Least Qualified Leaders" or something to that effect you might get people to watch it. The TV people would probably kill it after the first season due to lack of viewers but it would be worth a shot.

    I love the State of Wisconsin and the Milwaukee I use to know. Now I hate the corporate sponsored self righteous bigoted terrorist who've duped everyone living outside of Milwaukee and Madison into believing the evil lies they've told them about how the future under their dictatorship is going to get better.

    One of the best things that could happen to the State of Wisconsin and the City of Milwaukee would be a wikileak that the Milwaukee is the birthplace and hosting city of the Kingdom of Infinia'. This unreported FACT if a story got by the censors who've blacked it out from being reported in the media would put the city in the same league as Washington.

    For those of you in living in Milwaukee imagine the Northridge area turned into a Medieval to Victorian era theme park with a couple of castles to host wedding parties, dress up balls, large social events, etc... that includes a permanent village to support artisan craftsmen from every culture and period in history with a covered battlefield similar to the stadium for re-creator groups to do their thing as a crowd pays to watch the insanity of a simulated battles, award ceremonies etc...

    The economic boost the City and State would receive and the jobs this type of place would create is unknown but if it was coupled with the right educational expansion of the educational resources Milwaukee already has in place the end result would certainly revive the cities stagnate job growth pattern.

    The other thing it would do is piss Scott Walker and all the terrorist in power off since everyone would know the republicans in Waukesha County were responsible for creating the Kingdom of Infinia'. So maybe instead of staging protest about how the state is being run the groups staging those protest should show up at the Capitol Building in Madison asking questions about how the Kingdom of Infinia' was created.

    I know it sound totally insane but most of the liberals and opened minded people in the state have tried everything but this out of the box disruptive approach to focus the attention of the world on Scott Walker and his fanatic's. To prove to everyone I'm not some kind of insane person I've done nothing and plan to do nothing to change the underlying rules of any democratic society.

    I'm too old, tired and sick of it all to be the ruler of anything but myself. If anyone thinks I want to impose any kind of agenda upon their rights as citizen's they're sadly mistaken since I have a hard enough time deciding what I'm going to do from day to day. I might be a tiger on the legal paperwork but this whole stupid thing was created by people similar to Scott Walker. All I ever wanted was some health care and the people who poisoned me to be held accountable for their failure to take the basic safety precautions in the workplace.

    For my sin of asking for support to get me through the rest of my life as a disabled person I wound up fixing all the problems they created. The people living Wisconsin need to be asking why the hell they did this to me because it won't be long before they find themselves in limbo land with no income, no job prospects and no future for their children except as disadvantaged slaves working on the plantation.

    The only suggestion I can make to derail Scott Walker and his moronic dictatorship is give the Kingdom protest idea a shot it might change the world and Wisconsin's future. Since I'm done with this post I going to post the Dairy of a little incident that occurred at Milwaukee's prime emergency medical facility. The title of the diary is "Time to go Hero"

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    by hmsjo on Sun Jun 30, 2013 at 10:50:02 PM PDT

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