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View Diary: Were the clothes of Trayvon Martin's killer examined for fluids, including blood and semen? (96 comments)

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  •  I hit the post button too soon in my earlier (0+ / 0-)

    reply.  The point, though, is that pedophilia looks for an impact on children as does statutory rape, and while we may quibble over the definition of a child, Trayvon Martain was not an adult.

    •  Prepubescent means (0+ / 0-)

      before puberty.  You understand this, right?

      No one is denying that Martin was a child.  However, at 17, he was not, in all likelihood, prepubescent.  My argument isn't undermined anywhere.  I'm not saying that an adult liking teenagers isn't still perverted.  I'm simply saying it's not pedophilia.

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