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View Diary: Atheist Granite Bench Near Ten Commandments A "Stick in the Eye To Christian People of FL " (302 comments)

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  •  Not doing anything more special (0+ / 0-)

    than beer can chicken and watching the rain.

    I guess from all this one can conclude that Yahweh was pretty much a powerless god since he couldn't even use that hand of protection magic to make sure his tablets survived. Or he was just really into the "Lord giveth the Lord taketh away" game.  Or maybe he just waited for Cecil B. DeMille to do it all for him!  What it comes down to is that people still believe in this god and that is what I find qualifies as a true mystery. One would think people could invent a god a little more competent and a whole lot more moral than that one.

    Try Jack Miles' God, A Biography. Pretty erudite reading, but a fascinating analysis of the god of the OT as the protagonist of those stories. Now THAT would be an interesting start for one of those literature analysis conversations!

    Happy fireworks (if you can see them where you are!).

    •  Likewise over here. (0+ / 0-)

      Minus the beer can chicken, although I have got to make that one of these days.

      Your conclusions aren't anything new, of course, and you're certainly welcome to them.  But I would point out that you're assuming that God considered it important and desirable for those tablets to remain in the hands of the Israelites, which is rather a large and baseless assumption.

      And of course people could invent a more moral god; I know people who have.  Inventing a more competent god, though, would require inventing an active malicious force of comparable power working against said god.  Because, well, the world is obviously flawed from our point of view, what with evil and suffering and death and the frankly ridiculous fact that the human respiratory system overlaps with the digestive system on the intake valves and so on, and one has to explain those flaws somehow.

      Unless one wants to invent a more moral and more competent god and also invent a better world for that god to preside over, which I think a number of fantasy authors have done.  Sadly, though, we don't get to live there.

      Happy fireworks to you too!  I don't know if we'll get to see any from here.

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