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View Diary: Updated: Why Is The NSA Spying On The European Union? (141 comments)

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  •  why wouldn't we? spy on any & all non US govs (1+ / 0-)
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    and to think we haven't been for a very long time would be naive

    •  And with that all questions (5+ / 0-)

      are dismissed. I can think think of at least one answer to that question. Because it's a waste of money.

      •  didn't dismiss....think its naive to think is NEW (1+ / 0-)
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        the technology to increase the size of doing so is new

        Our doing so is not

        •  That's like saying because we have guns (9+ / 0-)

          we shouldn't be worried about nuclear weapons. There's a logical flaw there involve degree. You seem to not see magnitude as a legitimate time to raise a question versus the mere existence of a problem in the past.

          Your arguments are actually very similar gto the magnitude questions raised by the NRA. people have knives so why should'n't they have more powerful weapons? The answer is magnitude but if you want to pretend that doesn't matter, I suppose you would see such risk anlaysis as naive rahter than prudent.

          The problem here is your definition of naive ignores magnitude and as Richard may be implying wasting tax payers dollars (at a time when we need it for other things) on corporate interests

          •  please point to where I agree with doing it (1+ / 0-)
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            your ability to supposedly read my mind is astounding to say the least since i never posted anything close to the sort you imply i meant

            •  Well, give your defensive response (4+ / 0-)
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              Richard Lyon, corvo, lotlizard, emal

              I can read you aren't understanding the implications of the argument you wrote.

              I can read your argument. I can understand its implications and meaning.

              I can place that in the context of what the diarist wrote. I can understand its implications and meaning.

              None of which requires reading your mind. Whats your head is irrelevant.

              If you are done being defensive, the point remains your argument makes no sense if you consider change in magnitude, not just kind (which was your argument), important.

              •  No, my argument was that we have always been doing (1+ / 0-)
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                honestly I disagree with whole heartedly going all the way back

                In Fact , am thoroughly against separate nation states to begin with.  separate nation states are a barbaric anachronism and not befitting an evolving humanity in the 21st century...but that is a different subject from the diary

                •  Your argument has little meaning (1+ / 0-)
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                  as far as magnitude which is what's being implicitedly discussed here

                  Can you point to some historic examples that may have occured> maybe but the power is in magnitude

                  You aren't in the world where people could get around the system anymore

                  As for the n ation state point, yes, its not refelctive of a post industrial economy, but that doesn;t mean this shit is a good thing

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