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View Diary: Wal-Mart: abandon your children or be fired (229 comments)

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  •  Women don't have a voice in this nation any longer (none)
    I don't know what you are talking about the media being upset by some poor single mother being able to sue Walmart.  You need money to start a lawsuit and I doubt that she has that, doubt she can even focus on that because she has to worry about food, utilities, she is too busy finding a new job......and if she shows up on some progressive blog spouting anything about what women need she will be told to STFU.  After what has happened on this blog lately, all this talk about how women will stand up for themselves and you will all watch them set everything to rights is just hilarious!
    •  that's why the ACLU exists (none)
      and lawyers do take cases pro bono.

      You have to ask. You never know who might help if you ask.

    •  I support your comments (none)
      and believe your anger to be righteous.  

      I think you misconstrued my point about the media.  I was trying to say that, IF such a single mother were to get penalized by this situation and sue, the media would not be "upset" by it, but rather welcome the story (cynically) as their next "runaway bride".

      Whatever the media's motivations, such publicity would be bad for Wal-Mart.

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