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  •  The workers know, it's not them (4.00)
    Ever since Reagan busted the Air Controllers union in the early '80s, it's been open war on labor, including during the Clinton Administration. He had a gold opportunity to reform labor laws so that workers could freely choose to join and support unions, but he didn't. He was more concentrated on welfare reform and NAFTA.  

    Now, it's worse than ever. Here in Madison, WI, we've had two really ugly labor/management confrontations recently; the unions involved both lost, which means the workers lost. In the public sector, it's even worse because public employees don't even have the leverage of the strike. Meanwhile, our Democratic governor is balancing the budget on the backs of state workers, including wage/benefit freezes and cuts, lot of layoffs and reclassifying some to temporary status (even though they've been there for years.

    And the rich keep getting richer, including WalMart, which is sucking on the public teat for subsidies of all kinds, while its workers have to rely on Medicaid and other government services because they have low wages and no health care.  

    WalMart is the big, hot, red, stinky, pus boil on the ass of capitalism. WalMart is the symptom. Greed is the disease.

    •  I wish (none)
      I could give this comment more 4's.  It's a good comment and I love the cartoon (where is it from?) but I guess the diary is stale now.

      Just wanted to reinforce my appreciation for the comment.

      •  I should have given credit to the artist (none)
        It's from the website of Huck/Konopacki Labor Cartoons. Mike Konopacki is one half of the team. He's a good friend of mine. Let's me steal whatever I like whenever I like. He and his partner Gary Huck have been syndicating labor and political cartoons for over twenty years. They are revered in the labor movement; their cartoons are all over union newspapers, picket signs, organizing brochures, etc.

        They're the best and nobody else does what they do. Check out their website. Buy a book or two or whatever. Send them an e-mail. For all they great work they do, they don't get much in the way of ducats. They do it because they believe in it.

        Give 'em some luv. They'll be thrilled to hear from you.

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