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  •  I didn't think it was a sermon (4.00)
    Perhaps you overlooked the comments I made saying that I would shop for the cheapest goods (Wal-Mart included) if I NEEDED to.

    And if you need a birdfeeder, like I said, "You'll have to set the bar yourself though."

    To some a bird feeder might be a trivial purchase and for you it could be your main hobby. Maybe your garden is the joy in your life. And I am not saying that to rip you. You used the bird feeder and geraniums in your example. I am sure everybody, including myself, has a few NEEDED items, which others could do without easily.

    My point was that we can all do something direct and immediate to reduce the influence of Wal-Mart. For you it might be to reduce your Wal-Mart purchases by 10% (and I only say that as an example--spend as much as you like). If every Wal-Mart shopper backed of 10% it would be a huge blow to their bottom line. And money is what they care about.

    If we wait around till we have enough votes to get a government that will regulate one of the largest political campaign contributors it could take a little longer to get some results.

    •  I said above that post (none)
      that I buy my gardening supplies at my local feed and seed store, whenever I can. You, perhaps, did not read that post. Well and good.

      But that's why it's not a good idea to get personal on these blogs. You don't know what I spend at WM or at any other store in my town. You don't know whether I go out of my way to shop at my local hardware store, or my locally owned and operated drug store.

      In fact, you don't know much of anything where I am concerned.

      As for those who say the people who work at WM won't quit because they don't want to work hard, how do you know that? I do know the circumstances of many of the people who work at my local WalMart, many of whom are retirees. Some of these folks need a little extra money to tide them over each month. Others, like to work, to have something to do. Many work for both reasons.

      Would they be better of working for Lowe's? No doubt, but we don't have a Lowe's, nor a Target, Nor A Bed, Bath and Beyond, nor a Home Depot, nor an Office Depot, nor a Kmart.

      Please, people. Don't judge what you know nothing about. If you decide to boycott WM, good for you, but don't act as if you deserve the Nobel Peace Prize for your trouble.

      Stick to the issues, and the problem. Do what you
      can and leave others to decide what they can do. Don't assume that you know everyone's situation. If you have information that is helpful, that's wonderful. We can all benefit from that.

      Why do these things so often lapse into absurdity? It absolutely drives me up a wall. What in the name of reason makes you think anyone cares how many shirts are in your closet? Or how many doodads your mother-in-law has in her home? Or what you think about it?

      Some of us have few options. We don't flock to WalMart because we are attracted to the shiny objects on their shelves.

      Now, excuse me. I am going to fill my bird feeder and water my geranium.

    •  You can know (none)
      nothing about me. You don't know whether I go out of my way to avoid WM whenever I can. You don't know whether or not I patronize my local hardware, or my locally owned and operated drugstore. And that doesn't apply to me, alone, but to anyone here. I know that you backtracked on that a bit, but I do want to make that point. No one here can
      know the circumstances of anyone else.

      That's why we don't need to get personal. If you want to boycott WM entirely, good for you, but do what you can do and let others do what they can do.

      I have never heard so many ill informed and pointless comments as on this blog, as today-- People saying, "I'll bet there's a law against that," or, "I imagine she could sue for that." Some people do know the law and they have said so. And that's helpful for everyone.

      Someone else offered the brilliant observation that WM employees should all just walk out. This kind of thing is unrealistic for many. Many of the people who work at WM are retirees and some of them need that bit of extra income. Others just want something to do. Would they be better off at Lowe's? No doubt, but some areas don't have a Lowe's or a Home Depot, or a KMart, etc.

      People work at WalMart for all sorts of
      reasons. People purchase things there for all sorts of reasons. Please don't presume to know what everybody else ought to do, or can do.

      People who shop at WalMart don't necessarily do so
      because they are attracted to the shiny objects on the shelves, as some have implied.

      It's fine to be anti WalMart, but people on this blog spend more time telling each other what to do, or what to think, than they spend on the subject of the discussion.

      Now, I will fill my bird feeder, and water my geraniums, and find something else worthwhile to occupy my time--if nobody here objects.

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