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View Diary: Wal-Mart: abandon your children or be fired (229 comments)

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  •  Kos said that this Blog isn't here to service (none)
    women's issues so what are you talking about?  This is Kos' Blog, not yours.  Who died and left you the comment rater?  One man's poison is another man's medicine.  I do write diaries about yesterday.  I have a right to post comments and if they don't apply to you then ignore them, that is what everybody around here is supposed to do whenever there is something that they don't like right?  I find it shocking as I said before that so many on here are concerned about Walmart employees who are overwhelmingly women, and care so little about other women and the people who care about those women.  It just seems hypocritical to me is all.  If you weren't one of those people then I am not talking about you.
    •  Actually (none)
      I stepped in here to read about Walmart only to keep getting distracted by a series of off-topic, cheap asides that scarcely seemed intended to further the conversation. To me it looks like you are trying harder to wound than heal.
    •  Disagreeing with you... (4.00) to what issues are important, what issues are tactically viable, and what policy positions should be taken on those issues does not mean that people don't care about women.

      You can care about women and think that taking a hard line on choice will lead to electoral losses, Republican advances, and negative results -- including for women in general and choice in particular.

      You can care about women and believe that "choice" is the right policy position, and still not believe that it is either abstractly right or politically fruitful to approach it in a particular way that some people have argued strenuously is the only way to approach the issue.

      You can care about women and think that certain people, including certain women, in their response to certain events on this blog, have been wildly irrational.

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