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View Diary: Obama Administration Undermines America's Image Around the World (43 comments)

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    The issue here is the empire.

    All empires have a trajectory and the US will follow it whether it likes it or not.

    In the downward phase the state becomes ever more inward-focused, captured by elites and terrified of "enemies". Terrified with good reason BTW because all empires loot vassal territories who eventually have nothing more to lose.

    The US has been relatively benign but as the resources begin to run out, the demands become ever more egregious and the natives get restless.

    As the process continues and ever higher proportion of the resources have to be applied to suppressing dissent and revolt (the military, secret police, spies etc) so that the FORM of the empire can be maintained even as its productive heart is being eaten away.

    It is not Obama's FAULT, it is more like his fate. By the time the empire is ready to accept a leader who is non-standard (white middle-aged male) it is because the centre of power has shifted, in this case to financial corporations and multinationals.

    As is regularly observed here, they are the power and the government is now just the circus in panem et circenses.

    The rest of the process is also inherent. Eventual collapse of the empire and its power. Some go quickly, others more slowly (it took Rome about 300 years from its peak) and one, the British, managed to keep the corpse alive and at the table long after the power drained out of it.

    But it always happens and Obama is just unlucky to find himself in the seat when it happens.

    That said, I still cringed when I saw him speaking to selected students bused into Soweto about democracy as if he came from a place that had it and exemplified it.

    Until inauguration day The USA is in the greatest danger it has ever experienced.

    by Deep Dark on Sun Jun 30, 2013 at 01:46:27 PM PDT

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