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View Diary: Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader? (Voting Rights Edition) (41 comments)

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    Theodore J Pickle, Kysen

    In 1961, my white, very Yankee father was transferred to New Orleans.  When he went to register to vote, he was denied the opportunity completely, based on his obvious non-Southern accent. I am amazed at this test, that he would have aced, I'm sure.  He never dared to take my mother to the registrar's office because, and I quote, "she would have climbed right over there desk at them."  Later, some of the local pols said they'd handle it for him so he would walk right in to get his card, but he was too pissed to care any more.

    As an added note, his fertilizer salesman were banned from working their accounts among Mississippi farmers because they has out-of-state licenses.  Um, Louisiana plates on cars driven by native-born cajuns?  So, who was hurt?  The farmers, I'd say.  Nose, meet spite.

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