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View Diary: Man, OFA emails are getting surprisingly passive-aggressive (70 comments)

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    There is one collection for DK4, the current version of Daily Kos, and some specifically on HRs, or "troll rating". There is a Hide button under every comment. We Hide Rate true trolls, that is, Wingers who try to get us to argue pointlessly with them; spammers; sock puppets (people pretending to be somebody else, usually several somebodies reinforcing each other); Conspiracy Theorists; and personal insults.

    People who get persistently HRed above some threshold (not disclosed so that people cannot game it) are banned from the site permanently, and not allowed to come back under another name. This can be done by site admins, or more commonly by automated software…the banhammer. Certain kinds of post bring instant banning. This includes Goodbye Cruel World (GBCW) posts about how dKos suxors and You'll Be Sorry! If the person is really leaving, this merely prevents them coming back unless they appeal privately to the site admins and explain convincingly how sorry they are for their previous behavior.

    I have been present at several such episodes. It is considered bad form to rehash any of them outside of discussions of Hide Rating and Banning policy, since the whole point of Hide Rating is to hide posts so that the community doesn't have to wade through the nonsense and vitriol, and in extreme cases to ban particularly egregious posters so that we don't have to hear from or about them ever again. I will mention only the infamous Pie Fight fight [sic], but I will not link to it.

    Ceterem censeo, gerrymandra delenda est

    by Mokurai on Sun Jun 30, 2013 at 02:24:32 PM PDT

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