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View Diary: Watch Julian Assange Vaporize TIME's Credibility in ABC - Stephanopoulos 'Grilling' - LOL! (199 comments)

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  •  with the US army blocking access to the Guardian (33+ / 0-)

    at all of the army facilities around the world in response to the NSA stories Greenwald talks about what he sees as polar opposites in journalism (he's kind, I don't consider the stenographers journalists). (from the transcript)

    One of those polar opposites has long been defined for me by this speech that the great war correspondent

    David Halberstam gave in 2005 to students of Columbia Journalism School and he was asked by the speech organizers to speak about his proudest moment in his journalism career. And what he said was his proudest moment in his journalism career was when he was stationed in Vietnam in 1963 and 1964 as a very young war reporter he would go out into the field and see what was actually happening. So when he went to the press conferences of the US generals that afternoon and they made all sorts of claims he knew that they were lies and instead of disseminating those lies as truths he was standing up at these press conferences in the middle of Vietnam and war zone and very aggressively challenging these generals and saying to their face that he knew what they were saying was false to the point where those generals went to the editors of the New York Times and demanded that he be removed from his position of covering the war. That was his proudest moment in journalism, when he so angered the government officials that he was covering.

    That episode stands in stark contrast to what I consider to be the other polar opposite, which was this interview Bill Keller gave, who was the executive of the New York Times throughout the Bush Administration, in which he was talking about the newspaper’s publication of some of the materials that they received from WikiLeaks. He was giving a BBC interview and he was very eager to distinguish between what the New York Times did and from what WikiLeaks does, which makes sense on one level since I don’t recall WikiLeaks ever publishing a bunch of false articles that led the nation to the war. That wasn’t actually that Bill Keller was referring to.

    Bill Keller was trying to say that the New York Times is radically different than what WikiLeaks does because unlike WikiLeaks, which simply publishes whatever it wants, the New York Times under Bill Keller went to the Obama administration ahead of time and said these are the things that we think we ought to publish, do you think we should? And if the US government said you shouldn’t publish this and you shouldn’t publish that and you shouldn’t publish this other thing because to do so will endanger national security Bill Keller proudly said the New York Times didn’t publish it. He was beaming like a third grader who just got a gold star from his teacher. He said in this BBC interview the Obama administration has continuously said we have been very responsible in how we published.

    The reason to me that seems like polar opposites is because David Halberstam viewed the measurement of good journalism as defined by how much you anger the people in power that you’re covering whereas Bill Keller defines good journalism—and I think most modern establishment journalists define it this way as well—by how much you please the people in power that you’re covering. And for me if you are pleasing the people in power with the things that you are disclosing, you may be very good at your job but your job is not journalism.
    So, I’m going to print out this article that talked about what the Army did and I am going to have it laminated and framed and hung very prominently on my office wall very proudly.
    (emphasis mine)

    without the ants the rainforest dies

    by aliasalias on Sun Jun 30, 2013 at 04:15:32 PM PDT

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    •  Thanks for the print out. I listened it this (7+ / 0-)

      morning. It confirms my own ideas about what is journalism. Journalists should not be friendly with the people in power, the people they are supposed to cover. The correspondents dinner for example. Except for the glorious moment when Stephen Colbert told Bush off right to his face, those dinners are a disgrace. Gregory dancing with Karl Rove? The fawning press are all so concerned with the prosecution of the whistle blowers they are paying little or no attention to the actual story: The USA spies on its citizens and citizens around the world. The power of the US Government over the world is monumental and it is a threat to all of us.

      To thine ownself be true

      by Agathena on Sun Jun 30, 2013 at 09:03:12 PM PDT

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    •  any idea (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      Heavy Mettle

      how theceolfiers feel being censured in what they read?  
      I know it is the military, but does the 1st Amendment end when they join?  
      Funny, I have been told they are fighting for our Freedoms.
      Anyone else notice we have lost most of them since the War of Terror started what with all the Acts?  

      Gitmo is a Concentration Camp. Not a Detention Center. Torture happens at Concentration Camps. Torture happens at Gitmo. How much further will US values fall? Where is YOUR outrage at what the United States does in OUR names?

      by snoopydawg on Sun Jun 30, 2013 at 11:09:02 PM PDT

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