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View Diary: Watch Julian Assange Vaporize TIME's Credibility in ABC - Stephanopoulos 'Grilling' - LOL! (199 comments)

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  •  May be if you spam a lot more we won't (13+ / 0-)

    notice that you are trying to protect a survelliance state

    •  Oh bullshit. (1+ / 0-)
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      I can't speak for Sixty Something, but as for me, I can say the surveillance state is horrible and needs to be done away with, while still condemning Assange as a rapist and a self-aggrandizing douchebag.

      In the same way that I can say that Snowden is coming across more and more as an egotistical dumbass, and question his motives, without agreeing with those he's leaking info about.

      It's not either/or.  There are people in the comments in this very diary who are making the exact same kind of arguments you hear used to defend rapists in ANY case.  First we hear "Well, you can't trust the "victims."  And then we hear "Besides, even if it WAS rape, he did a good thing that cancels that out."  

      If those sound familiar to anyone other than me, it's because these are the SAME GODDAMN ARGUMENTS THAT WERE MADE ABOUT THE STEUBENVILLE RAPE CASE.  Just about everyone here condemned those arguments then, and rightly so.  Why should it be any different here?

      Seriously, I'm waiting for someone to say "Well, maybe if she wasn't such a whore he wouldn't have raped her."

      Exposing the surveillance state is a good thing.  But you know what?  As far as I'm concerned, nothing redeems the fact that he may very likely have raped someone.  And saying that doesn't mean I'm pro-surveillance.  It means I have compassion and empathy.

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