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View Diary: Jewish Americans Embrace Supreme Court Rulings on Marriage Equality (56 comments)

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  •  I'm an Orthodox Jew myself and I agree. (2+ / 0-)
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    AaronInSanDiego, Jay C
    •  Well, as liberal Americans, (0+ / 0-)

      we are part of a tradition that believes in secularism and pluralism, and that religion is a matter of personal choice. That's not the same tradition in the countries that were part of the Ottoman empire.

      Gondwana has always been at war with Laurasia.

      by AaronInSanDiego on Sun Jun 30, 2013 at 06:54:45 PM PDT

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    •  Then if you're orthodox and you want yours to be (0+ / 0-)

      recognised - accept the authority of the rabbinate and fix it.  It's not like it's impossible to fix unless you married someone you aren't supposed to have married as an orthodox Jew.  Are you a kohen or something?

      And we sail and we sail and we never see land, just the rum in the bottle and a pipe in my hand...

      by Mortifyd on Mon Jul 01, 2013 at 01:30:03 AM PDT

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