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  •  It starts out as tax farming (1+ / 0-)
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    on the indivual nation-state level, to finance the amassing of power and building of infrastructure. When things go international - and they've been focused almost entirely in that direction since World War 1 for all the players - it becomes plain old wealth farming. It robs the people of their productive labor, extracting the wealth of nations and putting it into the hands of accumulators - the farmers [ownership class].

    International trade can raise living standards for the masses only so long as existential needs are met for laborers. Living standards go down again when the wealth farmers have become so greedy that they've extracted the ability of the people to maintain adequate food, clothing, shelter and/or health enough stay alive and productive as well as the public ability to consume products that sustain international trade. Without wealth producers (labor, industry) or consumers (a comfortable middle class), any world system is doomed to failure.

    When it falls apart (a foregone conclusion) the producers will build something more home-grown - and will survive better than the players historically have - until that too expands in trade on the basis of population wants/needs/desires. A monetary system develops, people specialize in manipulating the monetary endeavor, and the whole parade starts all over again.

    It has always been thus.

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