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  •  2 poems, 1 by Cronsense & 1 by exmearden (3+ / 0-)

    My memory of my friend Crow wouldn't be complete without sharing these entirely unrelated-to-this-diary poems, which cronsense & exmearden left in the comments of my Crow diary oh-so-long-ago...

    From exmearden (a.k.a. Kris Froland):

    Oh Crow

    I see you, black great winged thing
    Shadow the sun from me
    Your voice a memory of what was
    Raucous and rough
    I'll soar with you.

    Winds hold your body
    balancing time and weight
    An unblinking eye looks down
    Down, I am always below
    Tired and worn
    Looking up.

    You fly with ease
    A voice that cries so loud
    But memories grow quieter
    Faded shadows of the day
    Somber and silent
    I see tomorrow.

    And from Cronesense:

    When the heart of the hawk
    comes home and touches
    the red morning earth
    only the moon knows
    of the night spent in
    the wilderness.

    When the eyes of the hawk
    touch the earth only
    the small creatures
    know the shiver
    of recognition.

    When the wings of the hawk
    touch the sky
    only the air knows
    the sweet sound of
    feathered beats.

    When the heart of the hawk
    comes home and rests
    the balance between prey and predator
    is tallied in the little bones below the nest.


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