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View Diary: Rachel Maddow on MTP: Gay People Exist. No Law Will Turn a Gay Person Straight (96 comments)

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  •  Also, this (10+ / 0-)

    Perhaps not to the same degree, but labeling all Southerners as racists is just as wrong as the discrimination doled out by the DeMints, and Ralph Reeds.

    No. It's not. First, your post itself is a contradiction: "perhaps not to the same degree...just as wrong."


    But secondly: people associate the South with racism because, well, the South has shown itself to be full of racists. For centuries. Demint and Reed's discrimination is based upon gay people's state of being. Criticism of Southern racism is based upon people's actions. And choices.

    To equate these things is offensive. Stop.

    I am from the South. I get it. But there is a reason why the South gets more credit for its racism. Let me give you a hint. It's not because we think the South has more racists (though this may be and is probably true). It's because the South, moreso than the North and West, has allowed racism to infect its INSTITUTIONS. The South memorialized its human racism in overtly racist institutions like Jim Crow-era segregation and voter suppression. The North, even if it is full of racists, preserved its institutions from overt racism during that same period, going all the way back to slavery. You can argue, quite rightly, that some under the radar institutional racism exists in the North, and you'd be right. This, though, is not limited to the North, and it also exists in the South. The reason the South is associated with racism, though, is that it has allowed racism to infect its cultural identity. For all the individual racists that exist in the North and in the West, these parts of the world have never been DEFINED by racism.

    Don't be so defensive. No one claims that every southern person is racist. If the majority of people are in the South are racist on some level (I believe this to be true), don't take offense to people claiming that the South is racist. Just know that if you are not, then you are an exception to this general rule.

    "We forward in this generation, triumphantly."

    by Grizzard on Mon Jul 01, 2013 at 08:53:50 AM PDT

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    •  And this is a powerful reason why the Voting (8+ / 0-)

      Rights Act now needs to be brought across the nation, not just to focus on the areas of the country where racism was known as a pattern in the 1960's.  Yes, there have been lawsuits filed in other areas under the VRA, but we now need to bring it forward so the planned denial of rights to areas in other parts of the country, from Voter ID laws to probable gerrymandering, restrictions on voting hours, restriction on voting machines in Democratic precincts and I'm sure there are probably plans for literacy requirements, like English-Only ballots designed to make it confusing if one can't follow complex English instructions.  All those things need to be anticipated, litigated against and the ones proposing those things removed from office ASAP.

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