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View Diary: Massive Heart Attack Has Turned My Life Upside Down. I Am Barren to Life`s Feelings (202 comments)

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    I am very sorry and touched by your kindness to share your story and how your father passed away simply because he waited too long to look for help for his damaged heart.

    I can attest that volunteering information about our health at times is very difficult for several reasons that apply differently with people with heart problems. Perhaps your dad did not want to alarm his loved ones

    I myself hid my secret from my family. For some time I knew something was wrong with me..I did not know what but I had these bouts of  shortness of breath and tiredness. The bout of depression I felt came after I returned home from the hospital. But reading so many comments and advise has gotten my feet back on the ground and now I`m good.

    I am sorry also for your own health complications. I can honestly say that I would really go bananas if I had something like what you described that resulted in life saving surgery.

    I really appreciate you sharing such personal info.

    Thank you

    Old men tell same old stories

    by Ole Texan on Tue Jul 02, 2013 at 03:01:03 PM PDT

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      Believe me, I understand about not wanting to share health problems with your loved ones.  About not wanting to deal with them.  Mine was a slow burn, but there was one terrible crisis.

      My stomach just started hurting one day, and unlike most stomach-aches, it didn't stop.  It just kept getting worse, and spread to my chest, a pain not unlike a heart attack.  I ignored it for a day.  Tried to will it away.  Then my graduate advisor's assistant took one look at me, and said if I didn't go to a hospital RIGHT NOW, she'd drag me there personally.

      Turned out I didn't have a heart attack going, I had acute pancreatitis - just as fatal if left untreated.  They started treatment immediately, and I survived.  It was the same sort of lesson learned that many sick people have to get help when you need it.

      And I'm damn glad you learned it in time.

      Us sick folks, we have to stick together.  Very often, ourselves and our loved ones are the only sources of support we have.

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