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View Diary: Washington Post exclusive: Straight couple gets married (209 comments)

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  •  Laura, you miss the true positive significance of. (0+ / 0-)

    ...the NYT article, which is:
    gays getting married does NOTHING WHATEVER to prevent or inhibit fundamentalist heteros from continuing to get happily coupled in a "biblical marriage".  Neither are any armies of pro-gay protesters are going to show up to disrupt their wedding, or peer into their bedrooms to monitor whether and how long they prey together just before intense sex.

    Just days after gay Armageddon supposedly put hetero Biblical marriage at unsustainable risk, two fundamentalist Christians, a man and a woman who are in committed love with each other, were at complete freedom to get married in a Church of their choice, with a service of the sort they wished.

    Let's genuinely wish the couple happiness with each other, while even at the same time we wish they would grow in wisdom enough to recognize how un-Christian their bigotry actually is.

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