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  •  60,000 in San Francisco isn't actually that good (1+ / 0-)
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    ...especially if that's as high as you can go.  Subsidized housing cut-offs are for those making less than 80,000, to give you an idea of what the cost of living is here.  Food is expensive compared to a lot of other places, and housing is completely ridiculous.

    •  Are you kidding me? (4+ / 0-)
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      vcpnttp, Mogolori, Radiowalla, Rich in PA

      $60,000 is absolutely fine.  You can live in the Sunset and Richmond areas (two of the less expensive areas in SF), Ingleside or even Park Merced off of $60,000 just fine if you're a single person.  I've lived in SF myself and was able to pay my rent off just find living in the USF/Panhandle area from 2009-2010 with a $16.00/hour salary.  People just need to be conservative on their expenses.

      And food is expensive but not everywhere in SF.  Go on Irving St. up in the Outer Sunset and expense is less.   That's just one example.

      $60,000 is pretty good salary wise.  People keep saying it's so expensive in San Francisco when in fact there actually are inexpensive areas in the city to live compared to say SoMa, Marina, Pacific Heights, etc.

      Of course, if you've got a family to feed, it might be a trickier situation.  However, a $60,000/year salary for a single person like myself something that would allow me to easily pay off rent at some of the newer apartments down at China Basin.

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