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View Diary: Putin: Snowden can remain in Russia--on condition (update) (142 comments)

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  •  What 'it did' is not what (1+ / 0-)
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    I'm talking about. I am talking about the actual program in place and implemented by NSA. The magnitude of this secret surveillance program by our spooks. Combined with this 'beyond Orwellian) secret awareness program is the loss of civil and human rights, like indefinite detention now legal and secret courts, laws and warrants. All of this is being done under the guise of the bogus GWOT. That is chilling for the impact it can, does and will have have on the average citizen. Saying our evil is not as bad as the Stasi's is pretty lame as far as rationalizing the monster that NSA has built and is implementing 'to protect' us.

    Here's an Stasi agent on this program

     “You know, for us, this would have been a dream come true,” he said, recalling the days when he was a lieutenant colonel in the defunct communist country’s secret police, the Stasi.

    In those days, his department was limited to tapping 40 phones at a time, he recalled. Decide to spy on a new victim and an old one had to be dropped, because of a lack of equipment. He finds breathtaking the idea that the U.S. government receives daily reports on the cellphone usage of millions of Americans and can monitor the Internet traffic of millions more.

    “So much information, on so many people,” he said.

    •  scope vs impact (0+ / 0-)

      The impact of the Stasi program on the lives of the everyday citizen was way, way worse.  And I still think their tactics were much worse and more insidious.  These sort of hyperbolic statements get thrown around so much here with such ease.

      The sequester is the new Republican immigration reform plan. Make things so bad here in the US that no one will want to live here.

      by Mote Dai on Mon Jul 01, 2013 at 03:14:38 PM PDT

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