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View Diary: Everything's bigger in Texas ... and soon that'll include how far women have to go for health care (91 comments)

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  •  And there is the much larger problem (3+ / 0-)
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    I'd bet that's a big part of the reason why TX health care is so sporadic in quality.

    If you HAVE access to a doctor or clinic, it's of course going to be better. You can hopefully be seen more regularly, take care of things before they spiral out of control, etc.

    If the nearest medical provider is hundreds of miles away, of COURSE you're not going to see a doctor regularly. You're going to let things go because to go for a checkup for ANYTHING is basically an entire day, perhaps TWO days.

    Very few people can afford to do that. It's not just the cost of getting there - it's staying if necessary, meals, gas, as well as the copays for the care.

    You might not have a copay, but you certainly won't be reimbursed for time off work, gas, a hotel if it's too far to make the round trip in one day or you take longer, need tests, etc.

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