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View Diary: Everything's bigger in Texas ... and soon that'll include how far women have to go for health care (91 comments)

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  •  why would they go to Mexico? (0+ / 0-)

    When they would need a passport to get back (to say nothing of the other hassles I can imagine for brown-Americans trying to cross back into their homeland), and would presumably face other challenges like using health insurance there.

    It's unhelpful for us to make alarmist warnings about what will happen after this bill when they are so easily refuted. Instead of claiming women in El Paso will all have to drive 500+ miles or go to Mexico (with the implication that care there will be sub-standard) when it's obviously disprovable, focus on the broader issue.

    Giving them an obvious mistruth to argue against only allows our opponents to distract and divert attention from the broader case. We're mired in "they don't have to go to Mexico, they can go 30 miles" discussions instead of "closing women's health facilities is wrong."

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