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View Diary: NSA's storage capabilities for voice data could be of unprecedented scale (17 comments)

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  •  "New NSA data centers will store decades’.. (0+ / 0-)

    ...worth of Electronic communication..."

    ...The National Security Agency's ongoing $2.4 billion data center expansions in Maryland and Utah will allow the government to easily store decades of electronic communications from the most expansive domestic surveillance program in the nation's history, experts told the Tribune-Review...

    ...That's apparently what NSA thinks it will need to intercept, copy and mine the metadata from 1.7 billion daily phone calls, texts, emails and other electronic communications the agency reportedly tracks in a world where digital storage is getting cheaper to manufacture and maintain.

    “As storage capacity increases, it requires less room and it comes at less cost,” explained Jim Bain, the associate director of the Data Storage Systems Center at Carnegie Mellon University and an expert on storage systems architectures...

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