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  •  I'll miss them (17+ / 0-)

    Most of the ones I still own have been washed and dried, fished out of the dryer because of the clinking noise. For more than forty years a little button proudly proclaimed “I saw art today.”

    All over Manhattan Island this small piece of tin could be seen on people who had forgotten to take it off.  For New Yorkers, once outside of the museum it always seemed to have a "Met Museum gang members showing their colors" flavor to it. If that little button was not discarded it would often become a nice little conversation piece. "Oh did you go to see PUNK: Chaos to Couture today?"

    Sometimes it was people in need of a reminder. Tourist, unaware that the color changed each day, could often be seen coming out of their hotels in the morning, fresh shirt with old button attached. I can recall seeing those buttons everywhere from Studio 54 at 4 AM to a night at the opera. I’ve even seen those buttons set off metal detectors at Kennedy Airport.

    Whatever reason people might have had for not leaving the little icon in the recycle bin when exiting, I always knew that that if that button could be found somewhere in my cloths hamper or lying in a heap besides my bed, there was going to be nice colorful dreams that night.

    But it's all over now.

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