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  •  Rainy cheers from Florida (18+ / 0-)

    Jeers to being proven right. I mean, I generally like being right, but at the moment I'm right about a project I can't get rid of...

    Cheers to girls high school soccer, which gave my fabulous niece the muscles she needed to save her life.

    Cheers to the crazies--they're not only entertaining, they keep the rest of us honest. However....a fish? Really? You, Mr. Ryan, obviously listened to too much Peter, Paul (huh) and Mary as a child and not enough to your science teacher(s). A fish is not a big blue frog.

    Speaking of which: cheers to hippy music. Do I need to explain?

    Cheers to Sarah Palin. Yes, cheers. She makes me feel smart. Very, very smart.

    Cheers to tomorrow--a day that this country will never forget. Or so said John Adams, who proved to be a day off in that particular prediction, but whatever.

    Cheers to work and plenty of it.

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