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  •  Saw someone on here the other day who (6+ / 0-)

    didn't get the reference. Floored me. :D

    •  That's nothing (4+ / 0-)

      I was at a party at a friends house a while ago and we were talking about music.
        The song Stairway to Heaven came up in the conversation, and someone said, "What is Stairway to Heaven?"
        I said, "You're kidding me."
        She said, "No, I've never heard of it, Barb, what's Stairway to Heaven, Have you ever heard of it?"
        Barb said, "It's just a song by Led Zeppelin, it used to be on the radio all the time."
        Then she said, "It was by Led Zeppelin, what album is it on, do you have it? I would like to hear it."

        I did not invent that story. She seemed to know about the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, The Who. She wasn't a hermit, and she seemed sincere, maybe she was a spy.

        I picked North Carolina, Ohio, and Texas for obvious reasons.

      Always get on a clean bus in case you get hit by underwear. I like being out there, it's better than being in here.

      by nellgwen on Sun Jul 07, 2013 at 11:08:38 AM PDT

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