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View Diary: Philly Case Workers Fired for Placing a Black Child With a White Couple (24 comments)

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    and after I hit send I realized that I knew absolutely nothing about the potential parent in question. I made and assumption and ran with it.

    It took a lot of effort to make sure my children had regular exposure to strong black male role models. It was all the more difficult because we were in South Africa and the legacy of Apartheid is still strong in the Cape Town townships. I wanted my children to understand that the life of desperation they had viewed as normal, wasn't, it was engineered. It took a long time for some of my older children to transition their thinking from a 'survival' POV to a 'building for the life I want' POV.

    There aren't nearly enough movies or TV shows with strong black male role models or strong black family units. Making sure your child isn't constantly bombarded by ugly racial stereotypes in entertainment often means taking the time to watch things before they do. I was constantly vigilant about anything that I felt carried subtly degrading messages. I don't enjoy the townships (not safe!) but spent time their anyway to keep the connection strong. I support traditional coming of age practices (even though I hate them, if you know what I mean). Picking subjects for school projects can be a much longer process when the goal is also to build on pride in being black. I asked non-white male employees I admired to spend time mentoring and answering questions. The list goes on.

    I was wrong in my original statement. There is a lot a parent of white children gets to take for granted. Thanks for coming back to me on it.

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      And it seems you did, in fact, have to do some things very differently to be the best parent you could for your children. To some degree every parent probably does go places and do things that wouldn't be their choice as they nurture a childs interest in sports or music or dance or science or..... But it does seem to me that it's got to be more consciously intentional for a parent raising a child from a different race and/or culture.

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