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View Diary: GOP's Obamacare temper tantrum just drags on and on and on (69 comments)

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  •  Well, very little legislation is getting passed (0+ / 0-)

    To me, that means Congress is dysfunctional.

    •  Actually... it's the most productive legislative (0+ / 0-)

      session in modern history.

      Notice the meme is "Washington DC is broken", even though the actual problem is "Congress is dysfunctional" just like you state.

      I agree.

      You could say the "dysfunction of government" is a perfect plan, that's what the entire goal of the tea party was and is, a brick wall to turning the page in history to preserve archaic traditional streams of income.

      Funny thing is congress is dysfunctional but change just keeps on inching along. It's a new era. Congress is not dysfunctional, it's functioning exactly the way they want it to function, and it's treason, sabotaging the nation's economy out of spite for a progressive young black man not preserving the status quo. Their solution is to sit on their hands and stop abortions.

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