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View Diary: jury duty (or: Twelve Angry Men, here we come...) (54 comments)

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  •  Interesting read but I have some thigns I disagree (3+ / 0-)
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    The defendant is black, male about 45-50 yrs old and heavy set.  He is the only black person in the courtroom.  Not too "jury of one's peers" to my eyes."

    "I'm also looking at the only black guy in the room and wondering can I be fair? "

    I find it odd that you are questioning if this guy is your peer or if you can judge him. Ofc he is but your questing of his peer status is worrisome. about the latter. .
    "Finally, I say that I'm saying 'not guilty' not because I believe he's innocent, but because the state needed to give me evidence that left no reasonable doubt. "
    I am a big supporter of evidence based judicial decisions. Scientific facts are great when you can PROVE an action.

    But honestly your version (at least the way your present it) of reasonable doubt, seems a little extreme.

    If someone walks into a room and commits murder in front of 10 witnesses you are going to get 10 different descriptions of those events. Chances are you will even get wildly (wrong hair color, wrong eye color, very different size and weight descriptions) different verbal descriptions of the perpetrator.  

    It is simply beyond common human ability to accurately/reliably  remember such level of detail.

    Unless we get rid of witnesses all together some leeway must be given.

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