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  •  The prosecutor has to make the case (4+ / 0-)

    That was absolutely critical on both the state and federal juries on which I served.

    We let a total scumbag off. I figure he was guilty.  But the prosecutor couldn't make the case and couldn't handle his dodgy witness.   Now, our case was insurance fraud so we had no sympathetic victim and that does matter.  And for some reason, the scumbag got himself one hell of a defense attorney, and boy does that ever matter too.  

    The jury wants to be told a convincing story.  The jury wants to be lead down the garden path.   In the federal case this is exactly what the prosecutor did.   He just nailed the poor slob with fact after fact after fact all marching down the road in tight formation so there was no other conclusion we could come to but guilt.  And the poor slob had a worthless attorney.  Even so, 4 jurors wanted to let the poor slob off because they despised the federal government.

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