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View Diary: More Dan Balz revelations: Mitt, Ryan even more deluded on Election Night than we thought (30 comments)

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  •  He was a rich CEO who never heard any disagreement (1+ / 0-)
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    until he ran for office. This is why he was such a horrible campaigner. He was surrounded by yes men in his corporate life. Everyone laughed at his jokes and thought all his ideas were great. "Should I drive Ampad into bankruptcy?" "Sure, Boss! Sounds great!" He was clueless about how average Americans live.
    The other thing is that he was the SON of a rich CEO. He is not a self-made success. He is the classic example of the man who is born on third base and thinks he hit a triple. He dad made all the right contacts for him and opened doors for him. He owes his business success to the head start he got from his father. Then having the lack of any ethical compass, which is why he went into "private equity". He screwed hundreds if not thousands of Americans by bankrupting their business, stealing their jobs and their pension funds. He screwed all Americans by forcing these ousted workers to go onto public assistance, paid for by our tax dollars. And speaking of taxes, I actually pay my taxes, which is beneath Mitt Romney, who hides his money in bank accounts all around the world. He only released tax returns for 2011 and 2010. That is because in 2009 he almost certainly paid zero taxes. He knew that if that news got out, his candidacy was doomed. What a smarmy, lying, dishonest hypocrite. The scary thing is that the popular vote came as close as it did. Thank goodness he lost the electoral college in a landslide.

    "For we, the people, understand that our country cannot succeed when a shrinking few do very well and a growing many barely make it." - President Barack Obama, Second Inaugural Address, January 21, 2013.

    by surfermom on Wed Jul 03, 2013 at 02:39:13 AM PDT

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