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View Diary: Sherrod Brown 2016, or America is f*cked (62 comments)

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  •  1 and 2 are fine (0+ / 0-)

    But if China's your example for #3, it's not a good one.  China's economy started growing after they began opening up, and the more open it becomes the better they're doing.  They went from being completely closed off to the rest of the world to being one of the biggest global players.  You're advocating for the U.S. to do the exact opposite.

    •  Of course they are leveraging their markets (0+ / 0-)

      GE is in China.  GM is in China.  Caterpillar is in China.  Nissan is in China.  Kia is in China.  Honda is in China.  Apple is in China.  These companies don't merely manufacture in China because it's cheap, as there's plenty of other countries where the cost of labor is low.  There's a huge incentive to build in China, because that's what gives them access to Chinese consumers.  They wield their emerging middle class' spending money like a club, not only because it works, but because if you want your country to succeed, you should.

      Hollywood is increasingly shooting in China, because China only releases a few American films ever year and the movie studios aggressively compete for those slots and the avalanche of Chinese ticket sales.

      The United States remains the world's biggest consumer market, and the fact that we don't leverage that market to bring industry back here to create jobs is nothing short of criminal negligence.  

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