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View Diary: Yeah, alright, I am socially liberal and economically moderate. (80 comments)

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  •  Today's moderates were last decade's Repubs. (0+ / 0-)

    Well, last generations's, but that didn't fit in the title field.

    Remember that many of the policies the 'liberal' Obama has been putting forth originated with Republicans of the 80s.  The only reason you can consider yourself a moderate Dem is that both parties have slid so far to the right.

    •  if communism was far left, then yes that's true (0+ / 0-)

      when FDR was president, his far left flank were communists

      so, yes, the parties have slid to the right of that

      •  It actually true (0+ / 0-)

        FDR was not in any way competing electorally with communists. His left flank was rural populists.

        •  i said far left flank (0+ / 0-)

          those rural populists are today's religious right

          i don't think the country has moved so far to the right on economics that moderate today is right a generation ago.  

          i think that those rural populists are still populists.  they just want to have their populist cake and eat it too.  

          •  Populists (0+ / 0-)

            This thing is that populism has always been blunted by racism-- people are willing to support greater benefits and a safety net for themselves, but not for those of other races who they feel don't "deserve" it. Racism is part of "class war"-- the wealthy can dry up support for more economically liberal programs by appealing to racial prejudice and racial solidarity. Why do you think that race is such an important "thing" in the USA? Because it serves the interests of the wealthy waging a war against the poor and middle class that you claim does not actually exist.

            •  white people have more in common with black people (0+ / 0-)

              than with rich people.


              that movie is probably why i quit being a republican in my early 20s, but also why i didn't give the democrats a second look until my early 30s

              cause i was having trouble trying to believe a mother fucking word democrats and republicans say


              i'm jay billington bulworth and i'm here to say, the democratic party's got some shit to pay.  they gonna pay it in the ghetto.  they gonna pay it in the ghetto.

              love that movie.

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