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  •   A necessary delusion (0+ / 0-)

    To a degree, I am not sure whether your diary is meant as satire or not, but if it is serious, it sounds as though while you more or less agree with economic liberalism, you feel the need to style yourself as a "moderate" to maintain social credibility for yourself as a "middle class professional." In short, even though you seem to agree with a safety net, universal health care, low tuition for public univeristies, and probably better retirement programs and protections for workers, which seems pretty economically liberal, it is socially advantageous and more in keeping with your self conception and self identity to style yourself "a capitalist economic moderate", because you don't want to lose friends among your more politically conservative colleagues and because you want to come across as "the reasonable one."

    And to a degree, I recognize my own privilege in my ability to embrace more full throated economic liberalism and to out and out accuse the wealthy of corruption-- my professional and social credentials are not in doubt and I have nothing to "prove" by creating a self styled "moderate persona." Likewise, the lower end of the economic spectrum, unlike you, has nothing to lose by admitting their economic liberal agenda. This dynamic is not much different from how the workers in the mailroom and the CEO will dress in more casual clothing at work but how the junior account manager needs to show up to the office in a suit and tie.

    So I am sorry you can't join us in supporting a better safety met and fairer, more humane economic system that nurtures and expands a middle class. The rest of us will have to pick up the slack. You can thank us later.

    •  whoa, slow down there, john (0+ / 0-)

      my friends and family are by and large working class

      the few friends that i have that are white collar are through work, but they actually live around the world in countries like Pakistan and Russia and Israel.

      that's because i have worked remote for the last 8 years.  i have been offered and worked jobs in an office as a software engineer and quit, because i didn't feel like i fit in

      i work remote in part, because i work with my brother, who was diagnosed with autism as a kid when we were first taken away from our birth parents.  after 6 years of foster care we were adopted by a working class family and we became 9 and 10 of 12 kids (eventually).  he got a degree in computer science, but struggled with communication problems to get a job.  so, he moved in with my wife and i 13 years ago (6 months after we had gotten married) to work with me.

      the semi local people that i work with today (since all of 7 weeks ago) are all either west coast liberals or geeks or Canadian.  we all work remote, but meet once  a month and i think one of them has a bit of libertarian going on.  nobody has a stick up their ass.

      i began this diary saying that i 'admit' to myself that i am economically moderate.  i grew up in a religious conservative home, which means that i grew up with populists who had left the democratic party over civil rights to follow their prophet saint Ronald Reagan.  they never agreed with voodoo economics.  they were just racists.  my dad told me that communism was good, but people were too greedy for it to work.  sadly, in his opinion.  

      i don't have anyone to impress writing this diary.  as it happens, i find myself not quite fitting in with anyone at all having written it.  everyone i know is either very liberal or conservative or non political (pretty young) and saying that i am a moderate is actually saying that i don't side with any of them.  and saying here on daily kos is certainly not about winning myself friends.  it's about being honest.

      •  But it doesn't make any sense (0+ / 0-)

        At best as I can tell, you're just trying to style yourself "someone who disagrees with both sides and is in the middle," in part because this is part of a social pose you're trying to create for yourself. But to a large degree you sound very trapped by your own self-conception and social/economic insecurity.

        But, hey, when you have that level of insecurity and so much to lose, you have to constantly remind everyone whom you're better than and write self-serving essays about how much you love capitalism. But it all sounds pretty shallow (or at least a satire).

        Calling the middle class losers because they aren't "agile" enough, however, is pretty insulting. But once again, you are in such an insecure position that you have to constantly justify why you "earned" your position and the economic problems everyone else is facing is something you will never have to grapple with.

        I know you tried to write this essay intended to describe what a special snowflake you are, but the middle class office worker declaring himself to be a "reasonable moderate who is a big fan of capitalism unlike those lazy European socialists" is one of the most stereotypical beliefs in the USA.

        •  i woke up this morning from a nightmare (0+ / 0-)

          i work late, so, normally, i am asleep at 7 in the morning.  but this morning, i am awake and on daily kos trying to forget my terrible dream.  

          i am really tired, so, talking with you about my opinions has been a good distraction.  and it's helped keep me from falling back to sleep.  which i don't want to do, because i don't want to go back to that dream.

          i stabbed a couple of serial killers in the chest to save a homeless man they were trying to pick up at a gas station in the middle of the night.  

          actually, i don't know if i was me in my dream.  i think i was uma thurman from kill bill, but mixed a bit her Emma Peel from that awful Avengers movie from years ago (with Sean Connery).  

          in any case.  i am not a violent person AT ALL and that dream was very disturbing for me.  i have only ever had a dream like that before after watching The Walking Dead and dreaming of killing zombies.  i quit watching that show after that dream.  

          i know this is really personal stuff, but, since you are judging me as a person, you might as well get to know me as a person.  don't you think?  

          if you are going to call me snowflake, let's at least have a real conversation.

          so, tell me about yourself, john.  what's your name?  what do you do for a living?  why are you on daily kos?  what kind of art and entertainment do you enjoy?

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