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  •  How much for smaller quantities than on website? (16+ / 0-)

    I checked out your website and saw that your pricing is for quantities that might be too much for individuals -- both in terms of quantities and of $$.  Can you consider creating prices for smaller, household-size quantities?  Then we could purchase using your site's 'cart' system.

    Also, could you consider a 'Gifts for the Goats'-type 'cart' item, for those who might like to help defray hay/vet etc costs?  People who can't send $15 might be able to send $3-5.

    Your sponsorship idea is great!  When I worked in fundraising (small-shop) I learned that it's a good idea to tell people what the entire goal is -- like, 'We need $250K to bring the nun's nursing home up to fire-code standards'.  Then break the amount down (at least in your head) as in, 'that means we need 1-$250K donor, or 250-$1 donors' for amounts in between, then target your asking levels.

    I LOVE goats, although I've never been around them because I depend on goat milk.  An acute exposure to industrial chemicals 16 years ago did unimaginable damage to my entire body, including my gut.  I could no longer tolerate cow's milk.  I tried soymilk, ricemilk etc -- then I discovered goat milk!  I have to special-order it through grocery stores, but I make sure to keep supplied, even though it's $4/quart.

    I don't want to set up a PayPal account, so another way to help would be appreciated.

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