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  •  asdf (5+ / 0-)
    Depression is caused by thinking patterns, pessimism is the main source of Depression which can really start it off.
    ...or an unusually high or low density of serotonin receptors in certain regions of the brain.

    No amount ( and not for lack of trying) of talk therapy did for me what 50mg of sertraline hcl does.

    I don't think you need counseling, at least as a primary treatment.  I think that you need to see an actual MD.

    •  I hate medication.. (0+ / 0-)

      ..I have a fear of tablets, quite literally. I hate the taste in my mouth and have to have the crushed with a cup of water for me to swallow it, so medication in forms of tablets is a NO, NO for me. I once tried Antibiotic tablets, I choked on it because I feared the size and I knew I couldn't bite on it... My GP gave antibiotic treatment in liquid form, this was back 4 or 5 years ago when I have severe tonsillitis.

      I am currently going through Cognitive Behavioural Theory, hoping it might help. I am helping myself as well by trying to read through news articles from time to time and testing myself on trying not to get angry when I read it. I think it's something I'm going to have to get used to considering I would like to own a business later in life.

      •  No need for tablets. (2+ / 0-)
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        DeathByRise, SquirmyRooter

        Well, I still agree that you should see a an actual psychiatrist -- lots  of "therapists" out there aren't worth the toilet paper their diplomas are printed on, but then the same goes for lots of doctors, too.  My own qualifications have no paper; I'm a Witch with thirty years experience in neurochemistry and botanical pharmacology.  There are any number of herbal teas you could substitute for your overuse of Camellia sinensis.  St. John's Wort (Hypericum species) is a proven anti-depressant for mild to moderate depression, but from your symptoms I'd suggest an anxiolytic such as Kava (Piper methysticum) in the evenings instead.  For your everyday drinking needs, substitute something less stimulating, such as hibiscus or mint teas, for the caffeine and energy drinks.  GRADUALLY.  You can get terrible withdrawal symptoms from caffeine if you're addicted.

        As the others have said, first get yourself sleeping regularly and off the stimulants.  Those only exacerbate whatever underlying problem you have, as well as confusing the picture.  Your language and passions are not really suggestive of depression, but frustration, anger, and overstimulation.  That's actually more of the profile of hypomania, which can see-saw into depressive episodes but doesn't arise from the same brain chemistry or mechanisms.  Typically people with this mental constitution try to artificially maintain their "up" cycles by overdoing stimulants, especially caffeine, because subjectively, the manic phase seems "normal" to them and "normal" seems Depressed.

        So.  Take a deep breath. Find somewhere/someone to give you some relaxation/meditation training. STOP THE CAFFEINE, gradually.  Substitute with hibiscus and mint.  They taste good, settle your stomach, and are very, very mildly stimulant.  If you do feel depressed, NOT angry or sleepless, THEN and ONLY then try a little Hypericum.  If, as is more likely, you feel restless, try drinking a preparation of kava-kava root in the evenings (in MODERATION, and preferably using a traditional preparation, as there can be liver toxicity if used to excess).

        And, oh yes, you haven't mentioned, but if you smoke, for the gods' sakes STOP.  It'll kill you, and if you're frustrated and angry, it could put you over that edge to kill somebody else.  There's a reason why smoking reached its peak of popularity during WWII.

        •  Thank you for your advice (1+ / 0-)
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          I don't ever smoke otherwise I would have mentioned, and I don't drink alcohol either - caffeine is the only "drug" I have ever intake disregarding medication.

          I am slowly coming off caffeinated drinks, I used to drink an excess of 320mg per day, but now I am only drinking coca-cola and cups of tea, and most of the time that is rare simply because I don't have the money to buy such things all the time. I suppose this financial issue with me is helping my medical state, but it's not helping me survive ;)

          This Friday I will mention Hypomania to my counselor and see if she agrees that is what I am suffering.

          Thanks once again for your advice.

      •  Anxiety disorder (0+ / 0-)

        You said it -- fear of tablets.  Phobia.

        It sounds like you have an anxiety disorder.   You might want to consider some supplements and dietary changes that help to level the mood, like Omega 3's.    You can get a liquid fish oil (watch to make sure you don't get excess vit. a).   You can add foods high in omega 3's to your diet.   And, a low carb diet is also good for levelling mood.

        Exposure therapy is helpful with phobias.  You could ask your counselor.

      •  I used to have tremendous trouble with pills (1+ / 0-)
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        and still do if the pill is any larger than my pinky fingernail.

        What I always used to do, and still do when necessary, is take the pill with food -- ideally something of a sufficiently thick texture that it will completely mask the pill.  Applesauce or pudding won't cut it; bread or other solid dry starches usually will.

        The admittedly gross part is inserting the pill into a mouthful of food immediately before swallowing.  It takes practice.

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