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  •  I've seen this argument made before... (0+ / 0-)

    and I don't think it's related to the larger point of this diary.  However I will speak on this.

    TomP is right.  The real equalizing, diversifying power is within the union structure.  A great majority of the undocumented immigrant workforce are in the AG business where they are paid pitiful wages and are exposed to environmental toxins from the use of pesticides such as Monsanto's Roundup and other products.  Furthermore, there aren't a lot of black folk into being a migrant worker.  Let's be real about this if you going to bring it up.  Now there are black farmers who have been horribly discriminated against by the Dept. of AG and when Pres. Obama moved to correct that wrong, the right went nuts.  But beyond that, immigrants are the ones who work the fields.

    The unions should be jumping all over this to unionize this group, while Progressives can assist the Health Freedom Movement in educating the public to 'critical mass' about the problems with our food supply, specifically GMO foods.  This will put AG corps in a double squeeze and it will benefit the wage structure and working conditions of all migrant workers.  And since we need to grow our own food, the AG corps will not find it profitable to import a large amount of  food to get around this -- especially if the growing conditions cannot be sourced or regulated.

    In conclusion my friend, this is not a matter or us vs. them.  It's us AND them for the most part.  

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