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View Diary: Is Race a Problem for the Left? (338 comments)

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  •  Indeed it does run both ways. (1+ / 0-)
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    However from the white vantage point, white progressives are in the privilege seat to decide the 'critical mass' issues as I have stated in other posts.

    1.  There is a difference between wanting the right to smoke marijuana legally and being disportionately affected by laws governing the illegal sale of cocaine products.  Also, legalizing marijuana will not necessarily affect laws governing how it would sold.  The point here is that you are speaking on consumption and not distribution.  If you want to understand part of the reason why legalizing marijuana consumption is something not resonating with African Americans, then maybe you should research who consumes the drug more.

    2.  Regarding abortions:  According to the US Census (linked here), the number of abortions among white women were at times nearly double that of black woman, ages 15 to 44 from 1990 to 2007.  Yet the fertility rate by race and Hispanic origin in 2008 shows that all other races had a higher fertility rate than white women with the exception of American Indians and Eskimos (Asians and Pacific Islanders' rates were nearly equal to whites).  Link Here.  While right to life is certainly an important matter to woman on the whole, the facts are that more non-whites are having babies while more whites are opting for abortion (which is their right to do so under the law).  The fertility rate among Hispanics is the highest of all.  This is why the rightwing is fighting to  close down abortions clinics (to even the statistical playing field ) as well as disinfranchise all people of color in many ways and not because fighting for the right to life is racist.

    3.  Progressives fighting climate change would do well in highlighting environmental justice issues.  People who are poor and disportionately non white are living in environmental waste dumps.  Many poor whites as well.  By speaking on EJ issues, it will only help poor whites who are also affected by this matter as well and not because fighting for the climate is racist.

    4.  Fighting for gay rights is not racist, but it certainly can be homophobic based on religious values.  This is where the discussion really lies between blacks, hispanics and white gays because the segment of black and hispanic LGBTs are hurt the most.

    Perhaps you were being snarky or maybe you really don't understand, but your dismissive commentary is exactly the problem with progressive coalition building as I see it.

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