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View Diary: Is Race a Problem for the Left? (338 comments)

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  •  Touch a nerve? (3+ / 0-)

    Walking and chewing gum? Don't you mean walking and editing? Check your comment, what you actually said was

    According to that line of reasoning only white people can be racist and nobody else can be
    which is rather different from your re-imagined version
    I call the racially prejudice view that ALL white people think and feel the same way
    Racism (as opposed to prejudice) is embedded in a power differential. And as I said elsewhere, that power differential is pervasive. So whether you want to say "only white people can be racist" or "white racism is qualitatively different", it boils down to the same thing. And I'm speaking from experience. I grew up in a society where white people account for about 1% of the population, maybe a couple more if you count the 'near whites'. A society where the government has been run by non-white people since the 1950s. And where a white boy could tell a group of black boys in school "if my ancestors hadn't brought yours from Africa, you'd still be living in trees" - and they'd have no effective retort. You may imagine that all racial prejudice is equal.

    But obviously this all touched a nerve, since you went from that to the utterly bizarre

    And if you really do think that it IS reality, then I would imagine you never hang out with or associate with any white people since 100% of white people feel superior to other races and are therefore bad people.
    Obviously, I've said nothing of the sort. And being 'near white', with a white parent, a white spouse, and an overwhelmingly white peer group, your attempt at an insult is laughable. But it says a lot about you.

    Are you one of those people who believe that Trayvon's "cracker" comment makes his racism indistinguishable from Zimmerman's? Or do you actually agree with me, but you're so wedded to your own white privilege that my mere assertion prompts you to last out at me, to cast aspersions on my friendships and my marriage. Grow up, get over yourself.

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