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View Diary: Bolivian President Not Free to Move Around the World Without Permission from the U.S. (345 comments)

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  •  But do you not understand? (2+ / 0-)

    Because I have some measure amount of layman understanding of diplomatic immunity, that means my defense of PBO has reached the level of the absurd.

    But what is not absurd to this person?

    The US will shoot down the Bolivian plane.

    The POTUS can pick up the phone and directly order French air controllers and military warplanes around.

    PBO would go to war with France had France not obeyed him.

    Or at least, I have never read that poster refute any of the truly ludicrous, inane, nonsense drivel put forth in these diaries.

    But damn  me, I did accurately write that diplomatic immunity does not give the Distingushed Visitor unlimited travel rights.

    Another day in Kossacktown.

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